What does the customer really know?

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What’s your favorite product? What’s your least favorite product? Why? We’re all customers and we all like to think that we know something about something, right? In “Knowing your Limits,”.. read more

Knowing Your Limits…Part 2

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In Part I of “Knowing Your Limits” we talked about the problems that can arise when we depend only on our internal partners, or ourselves to come up with good ideas… read more

Knowing Your Limits….

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I enjoy working on my house. This is a good thing because the person I bought it from (also the person who had it built and, I think, had a .. read more

Whatever happened to the fundamentals?

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In one of the great sports movies of all time, Hoosiers, Gene Hackman/Norman Dale implores his “shoot first” team:  “I’ve seen you guys can shoot but there’s more to the.. read more

You might be customer focused but…

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If we each had a nickel for every time a co-worker, a leader or an email mentions how “customer focused” they are, we could probably create our own company that actually.. read more

An Attitude of Craftsmanship, Published in PDMA Vision, Q2. Additional thoughts…

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Recently, my article, “An Attitude of Craftsmanship,” was published in the PDMA ( Visions Q2 issue.  Read it here! Key points: In order to do craftsman level work, you must.. read more

You should want to know if…

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When redesigning and implementing a first of its kind product development process in a previous job, my team and I experienced a wide range of emotions, reactions, resistance and, ultimately,.. read more

Upcoming Publication: An Attitude of Craftsmanship

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Here’s an excerpt from Doug Powell’s latest article in Visions magazine, PDMA’s quarterly innovation and product development journal, due out by mid-April: ___________________________________________ Recently I had my piano restored by.. read more

Upcoming Publication: Session Followup – PDMA 2012

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Here’s an excerpt of the session follow up article for Doug Powell’s session at PDMA’s PIM 2012 on “Why Things Go Wrong in Product Development & How to Improve,”  for Visions magazine, PDMA’s quarterly innovation.. read more

Reflections on PDMA PIM 2012

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Overall, a great week!  Met many new and interesting people and had a chance to interact with some real thinkers!!  Attended the research forum as well, where academic researchers are.. read more