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Innovation Insights

How confident are you in the quality of the ideas your company is pursuing?  Do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are designing and building the products that your customers really need? Are you managing your ideas via spreadsheet?    We can help connect your customers to your idea management, portfolio management and execution systems, enabling you to be confident that the right ideas are always in the pipeline. 

Let us help you:

  • Define the value proposition for your company
  • Identify your innovation purpose
  • Drive a clear understanding of your customer/consumer need
  • Create transformitive ideas in a portfolio you can manage, 

 Execution Insights

Great ideas are hard to find.  We believe great execution within organizations is just as important and even harder to find.

Are your teams facing the following issues?

  • Mired in “sign-off” battles? 
  • Buried scope-creep eating
  • Budget over-runs? 
  • Massive documentation? 
  • Long-running, expensive test cycles?  
  • Moving products/services with known defects into production, expecting to solve them before the customer finds them? 

These are only a few of the issues organizations and project teams can face when trying to get things done–many of which are considered to just be “the nature of the beast.”  The root causes of these issues are surprisingly obvious, but just as difficult to change.  We can help you prepare for that change and build a high quality, repeatable execution methodology that will alter your view of product/service development.

 Change Insights

Great leaders enable and drive change, but how do they know for certain that the change they are driving is the right change?  Too often companies find themselves testing a solution, only to find that after an initial improvement, the problem persists.  The money spent on the solution often justifies patience and a stubborn desire to believe in the solution, despite any real improvement.  We can help provide your company with a problem solving method that exposes the real root causes of the issues both within your customers and your own deparments, giving you the comfort that you are really solving the problems once and for all. 

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