An Attitude of Craftsmanship, Published in PDMA Vision, Q2. Additional thoughts…

Posted on July 17, 2013 · Posted in Execution, Fundametals, Innovation, Leadership

Recently, my article, “An Attitude of Craftsmanship,” was published in the PDMA ( Visions Q2 issue.  Read it here!

Key points:

  • In order to do craftsman level work, you must have great knowledge of the work to be done, more than just a feel or even just experience.
  • Your brain makes habits, often bad, as soon as you attempt to perform work
  • Focus allows you to spend the time necessary to complete the work
  • Focus facilitates ‘progress.’  Progress is the main motivational factor in knowledge worker morale and motivation
  • The point of focus is not to hurry, but to spend the right amount of time doing the work well.

I hope you enjoy it and I would welcome your comments on any of the following thoughts (or any other!):

  1. Do you and your colleagues really “know the work” that do on a daily basis?
  2. If you have a “method” to getting things done well, could you actually write it down?
  3. Do you feel that are able, in your work environment, perform the work you are asked to do at a level of quality approaching “craftsmanship” or excellence?
  4. If not, what impedes that ability?
  5. Can organizations develop the elements of craftsmanship in a similar manner as an individual?  Can they create ‘habits’ within the employee base that strongly support true excellence in products/services?
  6. Do you feel like you have the opportunity to focus?
  7. Do you have the internal discipline to focus when afforded the opportunity?